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Reinvention – Shifted Style!!! Congratulations to Jenny Levine on her new job at the American Library Association!! What an incredible thing: Jenny quotes the job description: “Knowledge of 2.0 technologies and concepts. Ability to work in a complex organizational environment. Strong communication ability (written and verbal). Comfort with rapid prototyping….” Who would have thought just 8 or so months ago when the discussions of social tools and L2 were ramping up that by Summer 2006 ALA would be advertising for someone to utilize 2.0 technologies and work in an environment of rapid prototyping? And who would have guessed that one of the most […]

Reinvention Yet Again! Congratulations Michael Casey

This little fact snuck it’s way this week onto Michael Casey’s About Page at Library Crunch: He’s also the Division Director of Technology Services for the Gwinnett County Public Library. WoooHoo! Congrats to Michael for moving up from Branch Manager to Division Director of Technology! I have been knocked out by the caliber of the posts at Library Crunch since last fall, Michael’s work opening the new branch at Gwinnett and his thoughts on technology planning, creating new services and user-centric libraries. What a perfect position to move into! I am also happy to report Michael and I will be […]

Reinvention & Seeking Balance

Will Richardson posts about his ongoing reinvetion and points to some words by Stephen Downes, and as I feel the need to head Up North soon, his words resonate with me: I’m trying to find that place, you know, where I can have a meaningful life, where I can be completely engaged and committed and passionate, where I can matter and be important. These pictures will always be special to me, because they will always remind me that I can and sometimes do dare to hope and dream of being something more, and that there are, absolutely, some things worth […]

Reinvention Again! Congratulations Jeff Trzeciak (Updated) McMaster will have a new University Librarian on July 1. Jeffrey Trzeciak will join McMaster from Wayne State University where he is associate dean of the library system. “This appointment is a coup for the University,” says provost, Ken Norrie. “Jeffrey not only brings a wealth of experience from an internationally respected research university, but he also brings a commitment to teaching and learning and an understanding of how to integrate libraries into the fabric of a university that will help McMaster maximize its library resources.” Trzeciak has been at Wayne State since 1998 and has held a number […]


Will Richardson posted a few days about about reinventing himself — about quitting his job — and today I can announce the same thing. I’m stunned …really… This morning I was offered and accepted a full time tenure-track teaching position at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. I will begin my official teaching duties there in August of this year. My title will be Instructor and when I finish the UNT program, I’ll be an Assistant Professor. I spent time with the incredible faculty at Dominican and I know this is […]

Next Week: Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture – Salzburg Global Institute

Next week I’ll be taking part in the Salzburg Global Institute program Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture: As key stewards of our culture and heritage, libraries and museums have traditionally enjoyed, and to a great extent still do enjoy, a unique role and special responsibility within societies around the world. But as economic disruptions and rapid technological innovation have brought about dramatic societal changes, libraries and museums, too, are being forced to revisit and rethink their own roles and responsibilities within these changing societies. The 21st century indeed poses perplexing challenges, but at the same time offers intriguing new opportunities for libraries […]

Slow Reading: TEDxLibrariansTO Presentation by John Miedema

Reprinted with permission from John’s blog:   Say the words, “slow reading”, and you will have a reader’s attention. In a time of information overload, we all feel pressure to read more quickly. Three years ago I performed a Google search on slow reading. I found studies on dyslexia and eye disorders, advertising for speed reading courses, and complaints about the scanning rates of I/O devices. At the time I was doing a Master of Library and Information Science, and decided to undertake a broad search for research and concepts about the benefits of slow reading. The results were published […]

The Future of the Academic Library: A Symposium

I’m honored to be playing a role in this event. My talk is called “Transforming Library Science Education: Heretical Thoughts.” May 16–17, 2011 McMaster University Burlington – Ron Joyce Center Burlington, Ontario Universities today are facing unprecedented pressures fueled in part by technological advances, transformations in scholarly communications, evolving student expectations, increased calls for accountability, and greater competition. Simultaneously, we are experiencing uncertainty in financial support owing to declines in public and private funding partnered with ever-increasing costs. The global financial crisis of 2008 has further compounded our challenges and has added a sense of urgency to the calls for […]

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009 by Michael Stephens Download a PDF of the post here. Welcome to the 2009 version of TTW’s annual look at the trends and technologies that I believe will impact what we do in libraries and information centers. This post ties in with several presentations I will be giving this spring. I was remiss last year – prepping to take “The Hyperlinked Library” to Australia, I just couldn’t get the 2008 post going. Another reason was many of the same discussions and trends from 2007 had carried over into 2008. If you’re curious, here are […]