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Winter Storm… Texas Travels

USA TODAY: Officials at Chicago O’Hare have already canceled 300 flights for Thursday, which comes on top of the more than 900 canceled there Wednesday. As one of the nation’s busiest connecting hubs, that spelled problems for travelers Thursday. Yes… that includes me. I just rescheduled to a flight at 6am tomorrow because United had nothing to DFW today or tonight. I am SUPPOSED to be all bright and shiny in the classroom at 9am. Instead, I should be landing in Dallas at 9am and hightailing it to Denton ASAP. I haven’t heard from anyone else in the cohort […]

Having Fun (VIA Weblogg-ed)

This resonates with me this morning while I pack to go to Texas and await a snowstorm: Will Richardson writes: Sometimes I really marvel at how fun this all is. It’s fun to: be almost constantly learning, not only by pushing my limited envelope with the tools but reading and thinking about intruiging ideas from really smart people. watch the tools evolve in ways that teachers and students can put them to good use without spending hours and hours to master them. be a part of a really amazing community of educators who are constantly challenging me. have an […]

Technology Needs Pyramid at walkingpaper

Aaron posted this yesterday: What a wonderful concept. I’ve been thinking about it for a bit now: I believe three other facets are present here: 1. The pyramid will be different for every library. Some tech stuff is base (catalog, public access) but some stuff may be different. A library might not have classes in the building but offer online instruction. 2. Project management comes into play as well. How many “technology-based irons” can one library have in the fire at a time and have an effective pyramid. Aaron writes: “In your tech planning, make sure your base needs […]