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Great Survey Stats for IM, VR and Podcasting

Via Sherri, who totally gets it! Chad F. Boeninger reports on a survey of students! Take a look…there’s good data and loads of food for thought. Working with Purdue has me thinking about serving students in the acedemic setting. All the Millennial stuff…all the gamer stuff apllies here as well.

Future of Music

I want to write a post about this soon because I finished the book yesterday, but for now: The Future of Musis Site: First Chapter Online: Quickly: if you want a very possible glimpse into our future as providers of entertainment and information, give this one a read!

DDR at Purdue!

In the morning workshop yesterday, I mentioned what was happening in the public library realm with gaming tournaments and what university libraries may expect from gamers as students. At lunch, Scott Brandt lead a field trip down to the Student Union to check it out. Scott and Brook, another Purdue librarian, grabbed the chance to stretch their legs! Then, the students offered to show us how it’s done! One fellow jumped up and wowed us — dancing to “It’s Raining Men!” Lesson: there’s a lot of talk about gaming…a first step might be to check it out for yourself […]

Reinventing Libraries Day 3

I’m in Kokomo, IN for part 3 of the 3 session series of workshops I have been presenting with Sharon and Dan Wiseman. Today, I present a version of my “Optimizing Tech” talk to 25 Indiana librarians, followed by group practice planning for technology! Here’s the updated PPT as a PDF: This kicks off a twelve day stetch of travel for workshops and scholl that I will document here. Jessamyn inspired me with her flickr shots of her lodgings and her workshops… After the session today, I zip across Indiana to west lafayette to meet up with the one […]


I was just thinking this am whilst getting ready for work that I am a busy guy the next 2 weeks: workshops in Indiana, Connecticut and school in Texas. On the way to work, a good friend who works with me called to say one our SJCPL employees had died suddenly Monday night. It’s like a blow to the stomach, friends. It makes me realize how fragile everything is and how we shouldn’t get so caught up in buzz buzz business and “drama” in our workplaces. I just “shot the breeze” yesterday afternoon with this employee..and now he is gone. […]