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So..if students are writing scripts for their podcasts..what can libraries do for them after school?

Just asking: David Warlick reports on podcasts in the classroom and I’m pondering how libraries can be an extension of this digital content creation thing. I do believe that a “Digital Creation Station” in a library’s Teen section might be a hit. Give them a Mac (or PC yeah yeah but Garageband is soooo cool!), a mic, some software and the chance to play! And don’t even let me hear you say “But what if they get loud?” or, heaven forbid, “what if they have FUN in the library making content to share with friends?” What would the optimal Digital […]

Congrats to Brian Kenney, New Editor of School Library Journal School Library Journal has a new editor. Brian Kenney, Library Journal’s executive editor, technology & web, has been promoted to editor-in-chief of School Library Journal, effective August 1. He succeeds Evan St. Lifer, who left in June to join Scholastic Library Publishing as VP and general manager. I have been so lucky to work with Brian these last few months. I have learned a lot from him about writing, libraries and the “big picture.” Brian gets libraries big time and he understands the place where libraries and technology meet! Best wishes… Oh, and: In 2004, he received a federal […]

Discs are so Dead – Future of Media in Our Libraries Nice article at WIRED that validates the thinking going on right now about CDs and DVDs. What will our Audio Visual areas look like in the next 5-7 years when we are hurtling toward streaming versions of high-def movies and episodes of “Entourage?” How will we participate in what becomes a transcation between users at home and the vast network of content and community out there? Eventually, someone will build the sophisticated business plan and technology that will make getting hi-def movies online even easier. The possibilities are myriad. Users, for example, could log onto Amazon, shop for movies, […]

Getting Things Done – David Allen (Updated)

My empty inbox this am: That David Allen is so hot right now! I guess David and his GTD tipped while I was on leave… have you read it? Listened? Thanks to David King for turning me on to Allen and his book “Getting Things Done” back in June. Here are some cool links from our new Coordinator of Information Technology at SJCPL, Nancy Korpal, who totally gets this stuff:,1284,68103,00.html,1294,68110,00.html Advanced Workflow PDF: Cool E-Mail link (A Mac site but useful for all):

Rock the Shelves

Check out this set: These images say alot: library as community meeting place…library as cultural center…library as a place young people would like to be and hang out…and make some music. Well Done Gwinnett County Public Library!

On Training in Libraries….

Training should be viewed as a necessity, not a luxury; as mandatory, not voluntary; and as comprehensive, not superficial. Training should be both theoretical and practical. The consequence of poor training will be that our users will lose confidence in librarians: They will think that librarians have joined the ranks of others that have fallen under the weight of emerging technologies, and they will see libraries as another institution that is threatened with extinction as the 21st century approaches. Krissoff, A. & Konrad, L. COMPUTER TRAINING FOR STAFF AND PATRONS, Computers in Libraries, Jan1998, Vol. 18, Issue 1