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Libraries that “get” games (p. 45 GOT GAME)

Survey respondents “who had grown up playing games reported sharply different attitudes about the very foundations of business: risk, achievement, the vaule of their experience, their own capabilities….Without question, the game generation is already having business impact far beyond the Internet. The effects of video games in our economic lives will soon be hard to ignore. Firms (substitute LIBRARIES here) that “get” games will unlock assets at every level of their workforces. Firms (LIBRARIES) that don’t will wonder where all their best employees (and patrons) went.” This was a big “aha” moment for me.

Abram on iPod

I am thoroughly enjoying Stephen Abram’s blog. Don’t miss it. Today, he posts about iPods in Libraries. How powerful can digital tools such as an iPod be? The Duke University report has some cool answers… Stephen writes: But what I enjoyed was seeing the uses by music students to play recordings over and over to learn; to record their own work; and to share music in context of discussion. I liked the stories about language students repeating lectures to get all the nuances of the language, to get pronunciations right and to study. There are many stories like this about […]

AADL Web Site (or I have Seen the Future and it’s Brilliant)

Read Jenny’s post about Ann Arbor. I agree! This is truly an example of cutting edge technology used to make the library a human place with a human face. PLs should look to this model of service, use of technology and sense of community when planning their web presence. And Panlibus agrees: “Just scanning the site gives you the feeling that there are humans behind it. Great site, and yet another exemplar for what can be done, for the rest of the Library world to aspire towards and beyond.”