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Got Game?

Via Maire, who gets it: registration is now open for AADL-GT Round 2, happening this Saturday, September 24th, from Noon – 5 PM in the Basement of the Downtown Library. Doors will open at 11:30 for players in grades 6-12, so be early to get checked in and start warming up. Winners of the Sur-Prize round game will take home $70, $50, and $30 giftcards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We’ll have single-player and team events in both Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Smash Brothers: Melee, and the event will (really this time) be broadcast live on […]

Plugged in and iPod’ed Up

From Beatrice at edifice ref comes this gem of a post, looking at the start of a new semester at Providence College Phillips Memorial Library : “Just coming up for a bit of air after 3 solid weeks of back-to-school activities. This is my first full ?fall? semester and it has been a doozy. I haven?t done a tally, but I have to believe the early indicators that our new IM service is a big hit. We launched on the first day of classes, sent campus-wide emails the following week, and we?re now receiving several IMs a day. Lot of […]

Anne Clyde 1946-2005 From the TTW Comments: There is a tribute posted on School Libraries Online to Anne Clyde. Near the top, one can see a link entitled “Vale Dr. L. Anne Clyde”. This is a compilation of messages and photos from around the world. Messages are still being added daily. Anne’s funeral service was held today in Reykjavik, Iceland with over 200 people attending. – Peter Genco Thank you Peter.

A Hoosier Librarian in France One of our SJCPL Librarians is touring Europe! To share her travels with her staff at the branch she manages, she started a blog! I asked if I could link to it here as well because it illustrates some wonderful points: This is a great way to share experiences with the folks back home. I’d like to see this blog on our staff intranet. Now we’re talking about creating buy in and buzz for blogging – wowza! It also illustrates conversation and community building for the staff of her branch. Look: What a send off! Finally, it’s an […]

Info Literacy Class Guide

Tonight, I’m subbing for my colleague Joe Sipocz in his Info literacy class at IUSB. Here’s the outline, courtesy of Nancy at IUSB. (And I added a few things as well…) I’m putting it here for easy access 1. What is the Internet? A. Definitions B. How does it work? C. History D.What is on the Internet? | Lycos Top 50 (via Stephen Abram) | Deep Web B. Evaluation Evaluation checklist: Other criteria, the 3C’s: context, comparison and corroboration. Examples: In-class exercise: III. Search engines/Directories How they work: Spiders | Google Pigeons Which ones […]