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After the Rush Comes Service

Via Ken Smith at IUSB, my favorite hometown blogger! Ken points to an interview with David Kline, who just published a book called Blog! He pulls out this impressive quote. After bloggers master the fundamentals of this new medium, they will come to value belonging more than hearing themselves talk. Also, this sense of being a member of something bigger than themselves will drive them to shape their postings to be of service I truly believe librarians who blog professionally have a great sense of community, especially those who have avoided the ME ME ME mentality and looked toward the […]

UPDATE: Two Indiana Librarians Weighs In on How Their Libraries are Doing!

I wrote about Indiana and the study that found we are tech poor in the state last week. Here’s a neat post from Winnie, where she mentions the study as well as her experiences at IL05. Note that even a small library can have success with tech and be ahead of the game! http://allthingsw.blogspot.com/2005/11/technology-librarians-and-indiana-how.html “Now, in general, I think that New Castle and Henry County are behind in the tech wave that?s been coming at us for the past few years. But, I do think that NCHCPL is doing a good job of staying on top. For instance, Google has […]