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New Looks All Around

Aaron has been busy! Take a look at the new Thomas Ford Memorial Library page as well as walking paper. Well done! And, with much synchronicity, Jessamyn has been installing Movable Type 3.2 here at TTW and coding this new space with me standing by in awe. Please pardon our dust as we continue. This will be the third incarnation of TTW. Dare I call it 3.0? Here’s a look back:

Academic Blogger Flash Mob

http://cosmicvariance.com/2005/11/12/academic-blogger-flash-mob/ “What were we talking about? Everything you can think about to do with blogging. The discussion was framed in terms of academic (and those with other expert knowledge) bloggers, and their blogging. What purpose it serves, who does it, is it a good thing, and in particular…. why are more academics not blogging, and how can we help get more to blog? So we’ve been formulating visions for the future, and also trying to decide how we can help to make it better for everyone.” I love that Karen was involved in this. Read this content-rich post and check […]

Teaching 2.0

Lots of 2.0s flying around, yes, but here’s one more. Great post by Will Richardson (one of my blogging heroes) at: http://www.weblogg-ed.com/2005/11/21#a4288 “…what I think most people don’t get when they pick up these tools is that to use them well they have to want to be learners, not just teachers. This isn’t like a textbook or a worksheet or a (fill in your one-dimensional outdated teaching tool here). This is a conversation, (or at least the potential for one) not a monologue or some contrived negotiation of knowledge that ultimately gets tested against what’s been written in a textbook […]