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Changing the Way Content is Delivered

Via Skagirlie: http://www.burningdoor.com/feedburner/archives/001518.html How feeds will change the way content is distributed, valued, and consumed The first in a series of market reports by your friends at FeedBurner. You can download this report in PDF format (300 KB) from our Web site. Stay tuned to this weblog for future installments.

On the Radar: AIM Triton

Good review at the Social Software blog: http://socialsoftware.weblogsinc.com/entry/1234000893069303/ To say that AOL’s new AIM program is an instant messenger is to diminish it unacceptably. AIM Triton, as the program is now called, is an online communicator that bundles IM, email, voice chat, video chat, browsing, bookmarking, and RSS aggregation into a two-window interface. This whopping upgrade to previous AIM configurations adds welcome features, but also—disappointingly for a program now out of beta—still houses a couple of bugs…

Emerging Technology Committee

Michael Casey posts at Library Crunch: As chair of my library system’s Emerging Technology committee, I made it a point to choose two IT staffers to serve on this six person committee. The charge of the committee is to examine both new technologies and technologies that may be new to the library world (though they are used in other areas). Many of the products and services we examine are in early beta stages, or they are only being used by a small handful of institutions. Once again, Mr. Casey eloquently states something I deeply believe: libraries need a Technology Think […]