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http://www.librarycrunch.com/2005/11/3_degrees_of_separation_librar.html Rochelle’s post gave me so much to think about (and it broke my heart a little too) but poster work must come first. In the meantime, Mr. Casey of LibraryCrunch totally gets it! Please read and comment!

Yeah, What He Said!

http://www.plan.lib.fl.us/WSDescription.cfm?WSID=20515 As new technologies become available, how do we effectively plan in libraries? How do we plan to optimize staff, money, and time? How do we determine what’s important? This interactive workshop presented by Michael Stephens, author of the Tame the Web Blog and contributor to ALA’s TechSource Blog, will […]

Tech Day for Panhandle Library Access Network

Ontario Library Association Superconference Frida, February 3, 2006 3:45-5:00 Publishing; Blogging; Communication THE BLOG PEOPLE: LIBRARIANS GENERATING CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION Michael Stephens, Special Projects Librarian Concerning itself with recent research concerning blogs, librarians and libraries, this session focuses on this powerful content management tool. We’ll examine successful library initiatives, librarians […]

Ontario Library Association: The Blog People: Librarians Generating Content And ...

Ontario Library Association Superconference Friday February 2, 2006 9:05-10:20 Technology and Education; Library Schools; Career Issues TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION: ARE LIBRARY SCHOOLS DOING AN ADEQUATE JOB? Mary Cavanagh, SmartLibrary Project Coordinator, Doctoral candidate in Information Science; Jenny Levine, Internet Development Specialist; Michael Stephens of Tame the Web, Doctoral candidate in […]

Ontario Library Association: Technology And Education: Are Library Schools Doing ...