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7 Reasons Web 2.0 Enabled Toys Are Good For Libraries & Librarians

Just a fun post tonight before I unplug… happy weekend! 7 Reasons Web 2.0 Enabled Toys Are Good For Libraries & Librarians Ponder how this little toy might be used in your library — to promote a service or program, for the Web site, etc. And what might you do with it? To promote training: To challenge libraries to change: To define those changes: To offer the chance to dream: To promote a URL: To send best wishes: Or congratulations: Tired of Einstein? How HOT is this promo for an IM service?

Tech Tips for Every Librarian: Free Finds for Frugal Libraries

Hooray! Here’s the full text of Rachel’s piece on Open Source Software! This piece highlights some wonderful ways librarians can implement and work with wireless, but we still nee to serve the patrons who rely on us for basic computer access. Keeping software on public access machine current, given hefty licensing fees, pricey upgrades, and pervasive patches and updates, can be an expensiv hassle. We’re all under pressure to provide more services for less money. Here, find some free and lowcos alternatives that are both easy to install and popular with patrons You don’t have to switch all your […]

Upcoming Presentations

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Computers in Libraries Preconference Workshops: Morning Session: “Teaching the Internet” with D. Scott Brandt, Afternoon Session: Technology Planning for 21st Century Libraries. Saturday, March 25, 2006, Public Library Association, “Community Building Through Your Web Site: Library Blogs and RSS Feeds” with Jenny Levine, Boston, MA Wedensday March 29, 2006 “The Blogger’s Toolkit Workshop,” Joint Conference of the Kentucky Library Association Academic and Special Sections and the KY-SLA Chapter, Prestonsburg KY. Thursday, March 30, 2006 “Conversation, Community, Connections, and Collaboration: Practical, New Technologies for User-centered Services.” Opening General Session Joint Conference of the Kentucky Library Association Academic […]

Waterloo Public Library Podcasting and Circulating Blackberries! The podcasts will digitize heritage walking tours throughout Uptown Waterloo, using MP3 players and Blackberry devices that will be available for loan from the Main Library on Albert Street. The tours will also be available on-line through computer workstations located in the library. Podcasting is a method of publishing audio and video programs via the Internet. It allows users subscribe to a “feed” of new files for continuous updates.


Connie Crosby, Library Manager, WeirFoulds LLP up in Toronto, Ontario, writes that she and Steve Matthews and Michael Lines have just launched the Canadian Association of Law Librarians first conference blog at This year, for the first time, the annual conference will be complemented by a collective blog (this one). Bloggers from all regions, as well as those new to blogging, are invited to contribute. We hope to offer descriptions of and reactions to the conference sessions and social events, as well as other aspects of the Edmonton experience, including weather updates and travel tips. Two of Canada’s top […]

Branded, ‘Casted and Wiki’ed: Some Good News from Here and There

Lots of interesting Web 2.0 bits in my aggregator this morning, as I prepare to sign on the dotted line for a condominium in Oak Park, Illinois! (I may faint when I sign…) Anyway: Greg Schwartz reports on a library branded podcatcher! This is important on many levels: the library sees the need to use a Web 2.0 tool but also gets the importance of branding the service. Go Lansing PL! I think Illinois Libraries ROCK! Have you branded your L2/Web 2.0 services for your library? Is the wiki/blog/IM presence linked to the linbrary and its online look and […]

10 Reasons to Love Web 2.0 – from a Flickr Dude

Via David King: David writes: These are notes I took while listening to a podcast of Cal Henderson from Flickr, titled “From Web Site to Web Application – Ten Reasons to Love Web 2.0.”, who spoke at “The Future of Web Apps” conference. You can find it (and a lot of others) on the Carson Workshops/Summit website. Cal’s definition of web 2.0: “Web 2.0 is a name for a bunch of new web-based applications.” Simple enough… There’s a lot of good stuff here. Take a look!

TTW Mailbox: The Future of Work

A Librarian colleague writes to TTW: Hi, I am reading the beginning of this title The Future of Work through the Online Book Club. The excerpt below made me think of you! The author describes his work as a professor and his contacts with networks of other people who help him accomplish his job. This book has piqued my interest to try to see what we can change here to make the organization less hierarchical and more decentralized. There has to be a balance between top down and anarchy/democracy, we just need to find it. Then we need to train […]

Another L2/Web 2.0 Job Description!

Christine Brown at Waterloo Public Library writes: I thought you might be interested in reading this job posting for a Librarian 2.0 at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library: From what I’ve read and observed on my own, I would guess that the use of Web 2.0 technologies in libraries has been embraced more readily in academic libraries. Its great to see that public libraries are recognizing the need. It is! We can add this to the Next Generation Librarian job at Wayne State and the School Media Specialist 2.0 Jenny reported. It’s intriguing to see what specific job duties […]

A Mac in Every Library

I’ve had a post like this in the back of my head for weeks now — really since I started messing with Apple’s iLife ’06, an application suite that makes podcasting and video creation a breeze! I wanted to write about what benefits a library would gain by buying a Mac or two (or more) to offer what I’ve been calling “Digital Creation Stations.” While putting together our reading list and outlines with Jenny for the ALA Library 2.0 project, I reread Jessamyn’s Library 2.0: How do you share? and discovered Mathew Dames’ post about just such a thing! So, […]