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Red Box Rights & Wrongs from Brian Herzog Brian Herzog writes: I had heard of libraries using both Redbox and Netflix, but never really gave it too much though. So I was kind of surprised at my response to my director: Maybe this is just a reaction based on the kind of day this has been, but I have mostly negative feelings about this. Based on is seems any money we get is minimal, and I’m always reluctant to give businesses a green light to target library patrons. If we did put one of these in, I sincerely hope it wouldn’t mean we’d be buying fewer […]

Sharing Life

There’s lots of talk about where we are headed these days.  What is our future?  Will we go the way of the dinosaur and suburban mall?  Seth Godin seems to think that we’re doomed while Toby Greenwalt and an army of librarians seem to think otherwise.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the future of the public library is right in front of us.  And boy, does it look wonderful. Teens at the Graphic Novel and Manga Club, Cape May County Library We need to look no further than to the teens that are using […]

The Hackney Bunch

DO NOT MISS this incredible video from Hackney Library. Well Done! As a long LONG time BB fan, the cleverness of this piece just sends me. I applaud the ,musical skill and technical aptitude that put this together. Introducing the staff of the Hackney Library at Barton College. Feel free to contact the Library when you need assistance!

Libraries & the Heart

Note from Michael – I just found this as a draft in the TTW dashboard from 2007. I must have forgotten to publish it… From Ten Techie Things 2006: Librarians & the Heart (the Emotional part of this post) Putting the personal into what we do! I honestly believe the best libraries of the future will encourgae the heart and librarians will put humanity into the library’s virtual presence. Stephen Abram noted that libraries are innovating yes but many are not yet moving in a new direction: “However, too many haven’t moved into the next generation strategies. Many fail to […]

Murder in the Mysteries Aisle

Murder in the Mysteries Aisle, originally uploaded by scampion. Steve Campion writes: All that’s left of this ill-fated mystery reader is the chalk outline in the library’s stacks. Actually it’s a tape outline, and it’s been drawing the public’s attention to the library’s mysteries section for several months. The librarian decided to try it after rearranging the shelves housing the fiction genres. A staff member created the outline with the help of a (living) high school student volunteer.