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Shhhh…It’s the Library…

Via John Schumacher on Twitter comers this opinion piece from Oregon Live: Ellen Hansen writes about her love of quiet and the lack of it in her library: (emphasis is mine) No, my full wrath is reserved for library-quiet abusers. When did the library turn into the local coffee shop? One man comes into our library and sets up as if it’s his own, private office space. That’s fine, if you’re reading, writing or even typing on your computer nonstop. But his work entails talking on the phone nonstop, for hours on end. Others conduct education tutorials or hours-long […]

Using Social Media to Connect with Teens

It’s easy for any library to have a social media presence these days.  Translating that into success with serving a teen population?  Well, that’s another thing… Be Yourself The discussion of personal and professional profiles always comes up.  I didn’t want to have two profiles (done it before, hated it) so I had to make a decision: add teens to my own accounts or hide myself far, far away.  I went with what some may consider to be the unpopular route.  I added them to my own accounts.  I feel like it has made a world of difference. I am […]

See You in Switzerland or Germany!

Here’s a breakdown of the events and presentation/discussions I’ll be doing over the next ten days or so in Switzerland and Germany. A big shout out to Nancy, Professor Hans-Christoph Hobohm and everyone at the embassies and U.N. Mission for making this trip happen. Geneva: March 8:  Morning Tour of CERN March 8:  Two hour lunch discussion with members of AILIS, the Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists Trends Tech 2010 for LibrariansView more presentations from Michael Stephens. Due to security protocols, I cannot bring my Mac into the mission, so I will be working from PDFs stored on local […]

The hyperlinked school library: engage, explore, celebrate

Dr Michael Stephens delivered the Dr Laurel Anne Clyde Memorial Keynote Address at the ASLA XXI Biennial Conference, held in Perth, Western Australia, from 29 September to 2 October 2009. Reprinted with permission from the Australian School Library Association Inc. (ASLA) Access 2010 24(1): 5. The evolving Web is an open and social place. The Web has changed everything. Its impact on every facet of our lives — home, work and school — would be difficult to measure but the ‘always on, always available’ Internet is certainly a game changer. Can you recall the first time you realised that the […]