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From #hyperlibMOOC student  Megan Egbert. What do badges at Meridian Library District mean for professional development? Megan writes: We are piloting a program that would use digital badges to increase staff member’s professional development and ongoing education participation. The badges act not only as incentive, but also as a visual reminder […]

If you like it, put a badge on it.

On Sept. 9-11, 2012, 350 library professionals from 38 states and three countries embarked on a journey to Telluride, Colo., to rethink libraries and learn about taking risks to move libraries forward. This is what they discovered. R2 continues to be the most engaging, rewarding and challenging conference I have […]

Be the Spark: Looking Back at R-Squared One Year Later

Note from Michael: Just wanted to let TTW readers see what our week one wrap post included over at The Hyperlinked Library MOOC. Follow along here: A Goodreads community has sprung up, created by the students: Here’s the wrap up, complete with a pic of Cooper! (Note the @names below […]

Update on #hyperlibMOOC – Week One Wrap Up

  Nice news story about my home library: by Lynn Geiger “I love looking at data of all kinds, but not everyone does,” says TADL Director Metta Landsdale of the system that offers data and insight into material circulation, library use and collection size. “The dashboard presents what I […]

How Traverse City Really “Uses” Its Library

However engaging, thought-provoking, and even polarizing the speakers were at the Future of Academic Libraries Symposium presented by McMaster University and Library Journal, they couldn’t match what five McMaster University students had to say. “Hearing from Our Users: What Students Expect,” moderated by Mike Ridley, CIO and chief librarian at the University of Guelph, offered […]

Office Hours: Listening to student voices

Presenting at the Educause Learning Initiatives (ELI) conference last January in Austin, TX, was a seminal moment for me. I found my tribe of like-minded educators and technologists examining what it means to be teaching and creating learning environments in the 21st century. What I didn’t find was too many […]

Office Hours: Goals of an LIS Educator

By Michael Stephens I recently had a phone chat with a valued colleague who runs a university library. He had been working hard to streamline staffing and budgets owing to a financial shortfall, while holding steady to a strategic plan anchored in creating useful information and collaboration spaces for the […]

Office Hours: Heretical thoughts

Margaret is my super cool research assistant. Student Margaret Jean Campbell bubbles with enthusiasm when talking about how she helped develop the first massive open online course, or MOOC, at the San José State University School of Library and Information Science. The Hyperlinked Library MOOC (#hyperlibMOOC on Twitter), which started on […]

#hyperlibMOOC: Community Profile of Margaret Jean Campbell