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Vampires are HOT right now.

Really – I’m hooked on HBO’s True Blood! But in Libraryland, the excitement is also building via this new blog “Bella’s Book Club,” a blog celebrating all things Twilight and counting down to the premiere of the film. Created by Deb Noggle, the blog offers video clips, reviews, and engagement with the mebers of the book club. The good folks at ACPL sent this story along about the blog from Deb herself: So, we started a book group for Twilight Fans called, “Bella’s Book Club”, named after the main character.  My concept for this was to bridge the gap for these teens […]

TechStatic Offers Reviews

Don’t miss: The Tech Static, a new collection development resource for technology titles, published its inaugural issue today. The need for such a resource became apparent when October 15 marked the last installment of Library Journal’s “Computer Media” review column, which The Tech Static’s creator, Rachel Singer Gordon, had been writing since 2002. This left a large gap in the library literature: no other librarian-targeted publication currently reviews computer books on a regular basis. To fill that gap, Singer Gordon created The Tech Static, a new resource for librarians focusing on reviewing technology-related books. The Tech Static assists librarians with technology-related collection development.

Evaluating the Library’s Weblog

From an LIS768 Class Discussion: About a year back, my library department (youth services) decided to maintain a weblog – mainly with the purpose of highlighting the collection, programs, and services, and displaying photos of kids using the library.  We promote the blog by word of mouth (although, to be honest, this has method has fallen off since the blog’s early days), providing a link to the blog on the website, and displaying the addresss on some library materials. Well, almost a year later, the blog is fairly presentable and is updated somewhat frequently (between 4 and 10 times a month).  The author is usually me […]

Library Blog: Embedded Training & Video I caught note of this via Twitter. Thanks Kenley! Take a look at this post at the Luria Library’s blog. They’ve turned on video comments as well as sharing an embedded slide show that details basic searching of Ebscohost.  This so ties into my takeaways from spending a day at IDEA2008. So much of what we do in the library world and design world comes down to interaction, extension of human feeling, offering something useful and ease of use. This is a perfect example of those things coming together perfectly.

My Dissertation Bound

  My Dissertation Bound, originally uploaded by mstephens7. I just received three bound copies of my dissertation from ProQuest. For those who might be interested, you can download a PDF version here: stephens-mfinal TTW Contributor Lee LeBlanc provided these links: From the conclusion: While Gorman (2005) defined a blog as “a species of interactive electronic diary by means of which the unpublishable, untrammeled by editors or the rules of grammar, can communicate their thoughts via the web,” I believe the biblioblogger’s potential role is one of bibliography. Wilson (1979) wrote: “… a complete bibliographical job involves all four […]

Types of Blogs

  Types of Blogs, originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg. Don’t miss the Technorati report on the State of the Blogosphere.   Bloggers are not a homogenous group, but they are an educated and affluent one: three out of four U.S. bloggers are college graduates, and 42% have attended graduate school. They skew male, and more than half have a household income over $75,000. They are experienced: although it has only recently exploded into the mainstream, blogging is not a new phenomenon. Half of bloggers are on their second blog, and 59% have been blogging for more than two years. The […]

Why No Comments?

Don’t miss: One of the stumbling blocks for libraries when we talk about blogging is the fact that so many library blogs never get comments. This article – focused on associations – might be very useful for strategic planning for the library blog. I especially like this one: 2. Open and easy. If you really want to build comments, you have to be open and make commenting easy. Limiting your blog content or commenting features to members also limits what you can achieve with your blog. A members-only strategy may be appropriate in some cases, but not if your goal […]

TTW Reading List: Library Blogging

  As TTW readers may know, I write a lot about the power and potential of blogging in our profession. My dissertation “Modeling the Role of Blogging in Librarianship” examined the motivations of early adopting bibliobloggers while my work with ALA Library Technology reports offered the hows and whys for blogging libraries. I recently got a review copy of Library Blogging by Karen Coombs and Jason Griffey. I must say it fits the bill as a perfect “How to” guide for librarians  from two practitioners and bloggers that’s up to date and pretty darn inclusive. The opening chapters give the […]

Teaching with WordPress MU

  I start my first class tomorrow: LIS753 Internet Fundamentals & Design. We’re hosting all of our courses at, via a WordPressMU installation. After considering and playing with Drupal, I was drawn back to WordPress and its ease of use and multiple blog possibilities. Watching the excellent WP-based work of Casey Bisson and Alan Levine helped me make my decision to stay with WP. My ultra-cool grad assistant Kyle Jones worked on making the classes site functional and pleasing to the eye. Thanks Kyle! We’re sticking with WordPress now and hope to add the officially released version of Buddypress in the […]

From the Director’s Desk The Parking Question The parking question arises quickly when talking to those who live in the downtown area or who frequent downtown businesses. It comes in several variations: Is the Library going to build a parking deck? Is the Village going to build a parking deck? Couldn’t the Library put in underground parking? Can the Library buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking? Can the Village buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking? Now, I cannot speak for the Village beyond reporting what was said at the Site Feasibility Committee meetings. Those meeting notes are […]