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Don’t miss: One of the stumbling blocks for libraries when we talk about blogging is the fact that so many library blogs never get comments. This article – focused on associations – might be very useful for strategic planning for the library blog. I especially like this one: 2. […]

Why No Comments?

1 The Parking Question The parking question arises quickly when talking to those who live in the downtown area or who frequent downtown businesses. It comes in several variations: Is the Library going to build a parking deck? Is the Village going to build a parking deck? Couldn’t the Library […]

From the Director’s Desk Another nice example of blogging library directors. Take a look, and don’t miss How many square feet does it take to make a functional public restroom which ends with this: The draft of the building program will be posted here as it nears completion. In the meantime, you can help […]

Blogging Director: Julie Milavec

I’m always happy to hear from former students. I just got a nice email from Mick Jacobsen. TTW readers may remember him from his info about LibGuides. He’s moved on to some cool stuff: Our first gaming event is taking place later today (spearheaded by me).  We have a Wii […]

What’s Up at Franklin Park Public Library

Brian Kenney writes: Have you heard of 23 Things, the self-guided program for learning about 2.0 web technology? It was developed by Helene Blowers a couple of years ago at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and since then has been adopted across the country by public and school libraries, districts, […]

Announcing All Together Now: Learning 2.0