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Zukunftswerkstatt Gaming Roadshow @ the Mannheim Library

Christoph Deeg has been doing an amazing job touring libraries in Europe with the Zukunftswerkstatt Gaming Roadshow opening up discussion about gaming and libraries.  This past week, the Roadshow made a stop at the Mannheim Library and held their program and panel discussion on gaming.  If you’re interested, check out this write up of the event here. The roadshow panel discussion brought up a great question: We discussed how interactive games can be used specifically in the culture and knowledge of the role they play in society, which can help libraries, schools or other institutions to technology and how it even […]

National Gaming Day @ your Library 2011

National Gaming Day @ Your Library 2011 is just SIX weeks away!  Has your library signed up yet? If not, you can sign up for National Gaming Day 2011 HERE!  Sign up now to be eligible for 2 of the donations from official sponsor and partner Follow along for tons of gaming tips and information here: NGD 2011 Blog NGD 2011 Twitter  NGD 2011 Facebook  -Post by Justin Hoenke,Tame the Web Contributor  

Double Jump looks at “Libraries and Gaming” Double Jump is Michigan’s only local game show. Each episode host Dan Hartley explores gaming as a legitimate and mainstream form of art and entertainment. We’ll explore the various facets of the medium itself with experts and designers, as well as games’ impact on Michigan industries. Independent and local developers also have a voice here as well as any industries and educational facilities tied to them. Libraries are one of our nation’s oldest institutions, and gaming one of our newest. What happens with these two disparate worlds meet? In the first segment of “Libraries and Gaming”, Double Jump looks […] The Collected Writings of Justin Hoenke

8BitLibrary: The Collected Writings of Justin Hoenke: December 2009-July 2011 It has been a fun almost 2 years.  We’ve danced, we’ve went out and got tattoos, and most of all we’ve talked about video games a lot.  But sometimes things just need to come to an end, and my part in 8BitLibrary has come to an end. Since I’m a librarian and all that, I’ve decided to organize my 8BitLibrary writings in a nice little PDF and post it here for anyone to read or download. I hope you enjoy my writings.  I’ll continue to write about gaming in libraries […]

Pink on Games

“You must understand video games.  Seriously. You must. So if you don’t know a joystick from a jelly roll, spend some time getting up to speed on games played on computers, online, and on special devices such as Game Boys and Playstations. Ask your kid. Ask your neighbor’s kid. Or go into an electronics store such as Best Buy where the games are usually on display, and ask for a demo. You won’t regret it. And you may even become hooked.  At the very least, you’ll begin to understand the powerful new grammar, narrative pattern, and thinking style these games […]

“Play, Learn, Innovate” Symposium Coverage at LJ

Josh Hadro provides coverage of the “Play, Learn, Innovate” Symposium: Guiding the event was the prevailing notion of integrating “playfulness in your life, career, and work as a whole,” noted opening presenter and moderator Liz Danforth, a freelance game illustrator, scenario designer, and game developer, and librarian at the Pima County Public Library. Danforth established the framework for the session, touching on “innovation, creativity, motivation, games, critical and strategic thinking,” all in an effort to spark positive change and overcome fearful reaction and resistance. As she noted and other panelists affirmed, activity flexibility and a positive, fostering environment are some […]

DePaul levels up on video game collection

Via I’ve actually done research on students who are learning game design and about games,” said Jose Zagal, a game development professor at DePaul. “And it is quite often the case that they’ll have a very narrow view of games.” Jim Galbraith, associate director of collections at DePaul’s library, hopes the collection will draw the wider student body while supplementing what’s taught in game design and computer science classes.   You can read the rest of the article here.  Is your library doing something like this?  As a big advocate for video gaming in libraries, I’m happy to see […]