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How to Raise Boys Who Read (Hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes)

How to Raise Boys Who Read (Hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes) I think what I hate seeing in these types of articles is the general “GAMES BAD BOOKS GOOD” thing (for the full effect, imagine The Incredible Hulk saying that).  Perhaps I’m only seeing this because of my interest in gaming (I am one of the co-founders of  I don’t know.  I try to read articles like that from the approach of my parents, who are middle class, everyday blue collar folks who have their high school diploma.  What would they think?  I think they’d come […]

Games and Gaming Blog/Column at LJ

I was glad to meet Liz Danforth at my afternoon session of “The Hyperlinked Library” in Phoenix last week. The group was buzzing about her new blog and column about gaming at Library Journal: A bit of her introductory post: Most of my time freelancing I’ve also worked in libraries as a part-time paraprofessional. I love freelancing but it’s lonely. I like being around people and I truly love libraries: literate and curious people, engaging co-workers, and a genuinely meaningful mission to make a difference in one’s community. I finally broke down and went to library school, completing my […]

Scott Nicholson on Nebraska & Gaming

Dr. Scott Nicholson left this comment on my post about ALA’s Gaming Toolkit. It’s an added dimension to the nebraska story about gaming: After seeing the Nebraska story, I picked up the phone and called the auditor’s office and talked with him.   I told him about the studies that I’ve done on the topic and asked if he’s like copies (he did, and I sent them over). After we talked, it’s not the gaming itself that was the problem, but the creation of the video showing staff members playing the games (with no other content).  If the video had shown […]

Libraries, Literacy & Games We’re adding this resource to the Gaming in Libraries modules for my classes. If you are curious about getting started with gaming or would like to see a clearinghouse of articles and supporting research on games and literacy, please take a look. I might urge the folks in Nebraska to take a serious look at the supporting research and survey data for a bigger picture of these initiatives.

Visiting the Second Life Reference Desk

 Each semester in LIS768 we take an hour and talk about Second Life and log in to see what it’s like. This is the first semester that we have actually chatted with a Reference Librarian and I was very happy the class got to participate. The librarian spoke with the class and told us she does a voluntary 2 hour shift weekly in world and gets a good number of reference questions from outside of LIS folk. Some synchronicity: add to this an email I received from a librarian that follows me on Twitter who is teaching at Catholic University this […]

SJCPL Launches Game Collection Some things to remember when checking out video games: Limit: 5 total games or CD-ROMs (combined) per cardholder (as per current policy) Loan period for each: 5 days Service charge: $1.00 per day Fines: $2.00 per day for each overdue item Age Limit: 18 and over Holds: No Renewals: No Grace period: No View a complete listing of the video games in our collection here. (pdf) Games are available only at the Main Library’s Sights & Sounds Department. Games may be returned at any SJCPL location. Want to know more? Contact us by phone (282-4609), email ( or chat (asksjcplav). And watch the SJCPL […]