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Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009 by Michael Stephens Download a PDF of the post here. Welcome to the 2009 version of TTW’s annual look at the trends and technologies that I believe will impact what we do in libraries and information centers. This post ties in with several presentations I will be giving this spring. I was remiss last year – prepping to take “The Hyperlinked Library” to Australia, I just couldn’t get the 2008 post going. Another reason was many of the same discussions and trends from 2007 had carried over into 2008. If you’re curious, here are […]

The Party Poopers Once it began, everything seemed to be going smoothly. That is, until I saw a security guard shoot a look at a group of loud teens, telling them to keep it down. He then shut the door in their faces as they stood in the doorway trying to get into the event. The teens were initially shocked and looked to each other for some kind of explanation. Then they burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation. There were more than 150 teens attending this YA author visit, buying books, CDs and T-shirts. It was a librarian’s dream: […]

An Answer. Converged Devices, Barcodes & the Future

  On Friday, I asked a question: Made with I wanted to see what type of response I might get putting it into the form above. Three events in three weeks lead to this post. This kind of synchronicity always makes my trendspotting radar go off. First, I met some great folks from Pasco Libraries in Florida when I spoke at the TBLC Annual Meeting. They shared with me a promotion for their Battle of the Bands event: the intial announcement was made via a 2D code. Not a flier, not a blog post, not a Facebook alert —  but […]

SLA IT Bulletin: Digital Focus: Michael Stephens

The kind folks at SLA IT Bulletin Digital Focus have given me permission to reprint the interview they did with me last summer here at TTW as part of my digital portfolio. I really appreciate it. Interview with Michael Stephens – Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University For those who may be unfamiliar with you or your work, could you provide a professional description of yourself? I’ve worked in libraries and LIS education for 18 years. My public library career spanned 15 years, and included positions in Audio Visual, Reference,  and Networked Resources. Throughout that […]


Via Warren’s SLJ Learning 2.0 blog: One twitter tool I have found facinating is monitter. The page has three columns where you can enter search words you want to monitor on twitter – your library name (or your name!) perhaps. Then as it finds tweets containing those words, the column will fill up and add those tweets as results. I went immediately, added some location data and some keywords: Of course, I see my tweets, but also some interesting things: folks discussing the Hesburgh library, our local CBS affiliate, and some discussion about my hometown Mishawaka, Indiana. Check this one […]

Boulder Teens

Tony Tallent writes: Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with the Boulder Public Library Teen Advisory Board.  One of the things I realized during the meeting is how far Public Libraries have come in the past 10 years or so with their commitment to the Teens in our communities. The very fact that I was sitting in a meeting room chatting with this vibrant group of Teens talking about libraries, podcasts and how to make the library a better place for them is quite wonderful. Salute to BTAB! Check out what they’re up to at I’m […]

Twinkle: More on Localization

I’ve been testing Twinkle… it too does things with the localization features of the iPhone 2.0 software. I’ve discovered Twitter folk near me in Mishawaka…but sadly Spider Lake is devoid of Twitterers right now. This is fun, a little silly, but also a serious: what will localization do for us in the coming years?

Give this Library the Money – A Director’s Letter to Patrons

Adrian Mixson, Library Director at Hall County Library System weighs in on an article about recent library trends in Governing via the library’s e-link newsletter: Dear Patron, I subscribe to Governing magazine electronically and usually read it shortly after the monthly is released. If you are not familiar with the magazine, it is probably the best publication currently out that addresses the most crucial issues facing state and local government. The June issue featured an article entitled Revolution in the Stacks: to appeal to a new generation some libraries are positioning themselves as places to create content, by Christopher Swope; pshew,  but that […]

MobileMe & the Cloud

I was a little disappointed with the Apple news today. I was honestly expecting a 32gb iPhone. I like the idea of 3G, but right now Mishawaka and Traverse City are not part of ATT’s 3G areas. I am very interested, however, in the Apps for iPhone and MobileMe. MobileMe is the next incarnation of .Mac, which started as iTools back in the day. I’ve subscribed to .Mac since 2000! MacWorld reports: Thanks to MobilMe’s AJAX-enabled interface, users will have a similar experience using the Web applications as they do with desktop software. For example, you can drag and drop […]

“The Dark Side” : The Wisdom of Rating Your Neighbors Walker’s latest venture seems a mixture of those two. It’s an online forum called, and it allows residents of a neighborhood to complain about the noise, dogs, midnight habits or lawn-mowing antics of the folks next door. Launched last summer, the site was first based entirely out of Walker’s UTC apartment until a portion was purchased by Attenunit, a venture capital firm, and most of the work moved to Austin, Texas. From the site: Rotten Neighbor is the first real estate search engine of its kind allowing you to rate and review good and bad neighbors before and after […]