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Embracing Services to Teens 2011: Revisiting Mishawaka’s Ban on Social Networking

A new anonymous comment went up on this post from 2008 about my hometown library’s ban of social media access because of issues with teens: No email address or URL was shared, so I thought I’d share the comment here so the person might get some useful feedback – including ideas to welcome everyone into the library without “stricter patron codes of conduct.” I would especially like to hear from teen librarians. I am currently employed at a library in Kentucky and I must say that I disagree with your assessment that the primary goal of the library should […]

News from Mishawaka Library on Facebook Ban

I was working last week on various writing projects and updating presentations when it struck me I should check in and see if my hometown library Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library had relaxed the ban on Facebook and MySpace that I wrote about on TTW and that Michael and I covered in the our LJ column. I called the library and spoke with the public relations person. Through the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I had sent the column draft and links to all of the online discussions to the library adminstration last year just as an FYI. […]

Jessamyn West on Social Networking & Mishawaka The reason I think it’s important to show good examples and best paractices is because we’re still dealing with libraries like Mishawaka Library which thinks that blocking social software sites in their library because they can’t manage unruly teens is some sort of solution to a problem. I’m not saying there aren’t problems surrounding public computer and internet use in libraries generally, maybe there are even sometimes problems with teens, but really responding to the problem by blocking wide swaths of the Internet is not really going to help anyone understand the problem better. It just makes libraries look hostile and librarians look […]

Anonymous (The Almighty Mishawaka Bans Social Software 12″ Mix)

I have posts coming for each of the excellent group projects in my LIS768 class. But please take a listen to this remixed take on Anonymous’ comments about Mishawaka Library Banning Social Software. Just one example of the creativity my class demonstrated. Read more about it here:

An SJCPL Librarian Responds to Mishawaka’s Ban

An SJCPL Librarian comments on the Mishawaka Ban: I work in the reference department at SJCPL and yes – we’re getting the overflow from Mishawaka now that MySpace and Facebook have been restricted. Our computers are basically full with a queue all of the time. I’ll share some thoughts… First, we have a limit of 2 persons per computer. We were hesitant to do that, but found that things were just getting too loud. We do still get complaints about the noise level and we try to keep the peace as much as we can. We don’t have our computers […]

No MySpace, Facebook at Mishawaka Library

Via the South Bend Tribune and a bunch of folks who emailed me: You can no longer use MySpace, Facebook or other “social networking sites” at Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library. Fights, lewd language and cars being blocked in the parking lot by teenagers are among the problems Director Dave Eisen said have plagued the downtown library lately. He told library board members that adults have complained about not feeling safe at the library. Eisen and his staff believe the teenagers are there to use MySpace, Facebook and other social sites. Oh boy. This is my hometown library. It saddens me that […]

WiFi Spots in South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana area

All St. Joseph County Public Library Locations Panera Bread -North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE) Borders, 4230 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545 (T-Mobile account required) Holiday Inn Express, 6701 North Main Street, Mishawaka (FREE) Burger King, Downtown South Bend at Main and LaSalle (FREE) Carlton Lodge, 420 West Univesity Drive, Mishawaka (FREE) South Bend Marriott, 123 N. St. Joseph St, South Bend (STSN) Wireless Access in Traverse City Michigan Wireless Access Directory

Protecting SJCPL Libraries = Strong & Engaged Communities

Text of a letter I just emailed: Dear South Bend Common Council – I was born and raised in Mishawaka and worked as a librarian at SJCPL for 15 years – 1991 – 2006. We saw the internet and Web come in and change information services. The library leveraged this to become on of the best in the nation. I have since moved on to be an Associate Professor at the School of Information at San Jose State University but I often check in on my home library. I was saddened to hear about the plan to modify LIT. I […]

Happy Anniversary Tame the Web – Ten Years Today!

Greetings all! Today marks ten years that Tame the Web has been up and running as a library focused blog. After learning about blogs and blogging in 2002, I was inspired to begin blogging in April 2003. TTW officially began April 1, 2003, with a post about a recent presentation I gave at Computers in Libraries 2003, published from my brand new Apple laptop at Panera Bread in Mishawaka, Indiana. I learned as I went along, creating posts, adding links, and sharing my thoughts. Once in awhile, I would get a link from another blogger, pointing traffic my way. It was a […]

Looking Back at TechSource: 5 Years of Blog Posts

I contributed my final post as a regular author this week at ALA TechSource. I must say it makes me a bit emotional but it’s time to move on to focus on other things. I thought I take this chance to point back to some of my favorite posts from the last 5 years of writing at TechSource. One of my favorite things to do was a “back and forth” interview/discussion style post. Here are some of the best of the best: John Blyberg: On the L2 Train | Information Experience Michael Casey: Where Do We Begin? | Better Library Services for More […]