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ILEAD U: Springfield Big Read

This is the second installment from the ILEAD U Project.  Click here or on the category hyperlink to read more about it. – Mick Jacobsen Team Springfield Big Read includes Amanda Binder and Janelle Gurnsey from University of Illinois Springfield, Brookens Library; Julie Wullner from Lincoln Library, The Public Library of Springfield, Illinois; Amy Ihnen from Chatham Public Library District; and Sarah Garley from Rochester Public Library.  Together we represent four of the 14 partners of The Big Read in Central Illinois.  The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Institute […]

ILEAD U Team Lincoln Lawgs: Building Blocks for Illinois Law Students

Who are the Lincoln Lawgers? Team Lincoln Lawgs – Maribel Nash from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Jamie Sommer & Jessica de Perio Wittman from John Marshall Law School, Patricia Scott from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and Valerie Krasnoff from Northwestern University School of Law, along with supermentor Pat Boze  — began the ILEAD U process by forming a team to collaborate to create an online legal research community specifically for Illinois law students.  In sad news, we learned in July that Valerie had accepted a new position at Northwestern outside of the library and that she would no […]

Introducing ILEAD U

Over the next couple months I will proudly be presenting the ILEAD U (hear I lead you) Class of 2010. ILEAD U (Illinois Libraries Explore, Apply, and Discover… not sure what the U stands for) is an ongoing program developed by the super-cool Illinois State Library funded by a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation.  Its main stated goal is “To help library staff develop leadership skills necessary to address local community needs (e.g., job creation, education) through innovative applications of participatory technology tools”  Or “create awesome librarians” (my version).  This took place over 3 3 days sessions in lovely […]

Webinars and such

Man, webinars, streamed meetings, recorded speeches, etc. are everywhere. Earlier today I stumbled across a twitter hashtag #gwws discussing a seemingly interesting (haven’t had a chance to watch it yet)  presentation on screencasts and staff development. This is directly in my professional interest wheelhouse. I am lucky I noticed the hashtag. What if I hadn’t? I, on the same hand, recently facilitated the Chicagoland Library Drupal Group.  We had some great content, discussing the soon to come and conquer Drupal 7 and how to allow patrons to make customized database lists using the Flag Module. We streamed and recorded the […]

Chicagoland Drupal Group

For those that are interested the Chicagoland Drupal Group (which I happen to run) is streaming their  meeting this coming Monday 9:30-12:00 central at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mickjacobsen. The scheduled presentations are: But, I don’t WANT to read the whole manual: Continuing-Ed Opportunities with Drupal by Gwyneth Stupar, Reference and Web Services Librarian at the Northbrook Public Library and Matthew Lechleider Drupal community organizer. Getting Evanced to Play Nice with Drupal – a Huge Step in the Right Direction by me. If you happen to be in the Chicago area the group is meeting at the beautiful Glen Ellyn Public Library.   This program […]

Core of CMS

I have been trying to figure out how to best describe the awesomeness that is content management systems to an audience whose technological knowledge will range from using email/Word to a little more advanced.  By the way, I have less than an hour to do so. Instead of bemoaning my fate I am looking at this as an opportunity. I get to think about the “elevator speech” for content management systems. After much thought I identified the two most important aspects, content types and permission levels.  These two aspects of CMSs are counter intuitive to organizations and individuals used to […]

An Intriguing Discussion

I highly recommend everybody taking a look at an intriguing, impromptu, and important discussion on the future of librarianship being had at Toby Greenwalt’s  theanalogdivide by some of the finest minds in the field.  It all began when Seth Godin wrote a few paragraphs about what libraries/librarians should be doing to remain viable -which some librarians  took exception to it on Twitter and elsewhere.  Be sure to check out the comments by Kate Sheehan, Bobbi Newman, and even a response by Seth Godin himself! Mick Jacobsen – TTW Contributor


I recently produced a screencast on a popular reader’s advisory tool we use at mpow. I want to bring the tool to the attention of those that do not normally follow book reviews such as Library Journal’s Booksmack because of the use of participatory technologies. I have seen it written that IT/Technology is reference, I think we need to extend this to RA. BookMatch: An RA Innovation via Screencast “In an illuminating screencast created especially for BookSmack!, popular services manager Ricki Nordmeyer and adult services librarian Mick Jacobsen explain the Skokie Public Library’s new BookMatch program. This patron pleaser takes […]

Twitter @ Your Library

I want to point everybody to Toby Greenwalt’s (theanalogdivide on Twitter) great slideshow and even more awesome handout on starting and using Twitter.  As I was looking over Toby’s handout I kept thinking, “I wish I had this when I started out.” Full disclosure:  I work with Toby at the Skokie Public Library. TTW Contributor: Mick Jacobsen

An Unformed Thought

A few weeks ago the director of my library asked me to design and produce a website for a small community group, the  North Shore Business Development Foundation (NSBDF).  I was happy to be given the opportunity (I start getting the shakes if I don’t get to design a website ever-so-ofter). I had about a week to look over their logo, handouts, mission and vision statements, previous event flyers, etc. and around 7 more days to actually build the website. Time was short because of an upcoming program which the group wanted to use to make attendees aware of the […]