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More iPod & DRM (via Michael Casey)

Michael Casey, who has the coolest programs at his library for young people, comments here at TTW: This quote is from the Accessibility Trial of the Downloadable Digital Audio Book Service from netLibrary and Recorded Books. (I tried to enter a link but it was refused when I tried posting) “The fact that netLibrary’s digital audio books are in the protected WMA file format, coupled with the fact that Apple iPods and most accessible devices (for example, the Book Port and the Book Courier) will not play the WMA file format, is unfortunate. One can only hope that soon both […]

TTW and ALA TechSource Blog

I am pleased to point you all to the ALA TechSource Blog, a new venture from ALA TechSource Publishing, where I will be a contributor. I’m blown away by the folks writing for this blog and honored to be writing with them: Jenny Levine Tom Peters Karen Schneider I hope you’ll give it a look and grab the feed. No worries though: TTW is not going away. I’ll be blogging here as well. As this all plays out and we get the flow of a collaborative blogging environment, I’ll point to the ALA Blog or link from there back here. […]

Attention: Audio Book Download Companies (Updated) Forbes reports: “Due its strong product portfolio, market-share leadership, and the stickiness of iTunes, we believe Apple will continue to dominate this product category,” the bank said, forecasting 31 million iPod units in calendar 2005 and 43 million units in calendar 2006, notes the report. “The firm also believes Apple will continue to drive share gains in the PC market due to the combination of a renewed enthusiasm for Apple’s brand, cutting-edge computer designs, and the superior user experience of Apple’s OS.” I’m all about Apple and the folks who are selling content to libraries getting together to make […]

Travels around Indiana: ILF Meeting

I was tickled to be on the docket for the Indiana Library Federation Reference Division meeting last Friday with Jessamyn West and some most cool Indiana Librarians. Thanks to Kerry, Scott, Evan and everyone who helped make it such a wonderful experience! Here’s Scott’s take on the day too! In the drama of the day I didn’t really get to blog, but Marydee Ojala did! Here are some of her posts: Jessamyn in Indiana: Hot New Communication Tools for Reference: This is where it got interesting. Flickr seemed to engage the audience. I clicked, tagged, noted and uploaded […]

A Sad Day in the Info Science Community

My colleague and cohort chum Joyce Valenza sent me a message this morning: Dr. Laurel Anne Clyde, a professor of Social Science at the University of Icelandin Reykjav?k, Iceland, suffered a fatal heart attack on Sunday, September 18, 2005. I have read many of Dr. Clyde’s scholarly papers, presentations and articles on social software. She authored Weblogs & libraries last year, the first scholarly work on the topic! I had hoped she and I would meet at some future info science conference because I she was certainly a source of inspiration for my research and writing. Here is her page […]

Putting a Face on with IM

Christina has a great post about IM, some recent research and setting expectations here: Good stuff: And I was thinking that besides the fact that we?re afraid we?ll scare the customer away? we still need to properly negotiate the question if we?re going to successfully use this service with people we don?t know. The point is that we?re in an unequal power relationship: we have the info the customer needs (customers aren?t known to appreciate the fact that we need to keep ref stats to justify our existence). What?s preventing the IM reference staff from asking more questions? Is […]